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A Treasured Love

A Treasured Love Recently I had the pleasure of sitting on the front porch of Maple Grove on a beautiful sunny afternoon listening a very precious love story. That story is the one of Bill and Mable Large from Lebanon and this is how their love story began. Years ago, Mable was daily tending to her cousin, who was a resident at Maple Grove. She came by to feed her meals. While there, she made many friends, including other residents of Maple Grove and their families. As time elapsed, another relative of hers began to tell her about a man coming there to take care of his mother that she should meet. One particular day, that cousin of hers who was also visiting, told her that she should go down the hall and meet the good looking man who was there with his mother. Down the hall she went to take at look at this man. She went into the room and visited but returned to jokingly tell her cousin that he was a long haired hippy. They laughed and shared about the experience, but something sparked there. Bill said he had been living in Mississippi among the canjun people and had let his hair grow. When his mother needed his care, he packed up and headed home to Lebanon where he could provide the care she needed. It was on that particular day that he met the love of his life. Actually, he said that she, “swooped him right up.” They began to talk more frequently and a romance budded. After dating for a year, they married in 2000 and in their own words, “have lived happily ever after.” Even though their life together has met some difficulties. Soon, they would both become residents of Maple Grove themselves. Mable had to be hospitalized after a flair up that she had suffered from a stroke. While visiting his new bride in the hospital, Bill stepped off of the curb at the hospital and down he went. His fall had broken his hip and he would have to have rehabilitation, also. They both did their rehab together at Maple Grove, where they had met, and were able to return home together. I guess you could say that their honeymoon was a rehab trip to Maple Grove. They have enjoyed a very thankful love filled marriage together since and Bill visits her everyday as she is, once again, a rehab resident of Maple Grove. Soon she will be discharged to home where they can resume their life at home together. Until then, he visits with her daily and you can often find them together, holding hands, on the front porch, in therapy, or wherever, but I would place my bet that you will find them together. As Mable said, “Maple Grove holds a special place in our heart as that is the place we first met.” Bill went on to brag about the staff and care at Maple Grove. He said in his life that he had been in many nursing facilities all across the country, but had never found a place as friendly as Maple Grove. He said he has always been made to feel welcomed and he is greeted with smiles all along his journey to visit with his lovely life. Please join me in wishing this remarkable couple many more years of wedded bliss and much happiness as they live and love together. They have truly found a precious thing, because as the scripture says, “now abides faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.”

A Special Classroom Setting

There’s an old proverb that says, “You are never too old to learn.” After this summer, I am inclined to believe that it true. I am also firm in the concept that the older generation can certainly learn from the younger generation. During the summer at Kissito Health Care Maple Grove, lots of young volunteers shared valuable time with the residents there. Two particular young ladies, named Delaney Aldrich and Maggie Lampkin, helped to inspire a resident to learn to write again. After suffering limitation in his right arm and hand due to contracture and losing one of his legs, Carl Sheppard, age 69 of Honaker, VA, assumed his days of classroom learning was over. Miss Delaney changed that this summer as she recognized Carl’s desire to read and write again. The remarkable part of the story is that Delaney is only 9 years old and she was quick to recognize his interest in learning. She spent treasured time as a volunteer this summer at Maple Grove, where her mother is the Director of Rehabilitative Services. Her mother, Sherry Aldrich, is also a Speech Language Pathologists, which is what young Delaney aspires to be. During her volunteer days, you could find her classroom on the front porch of Maple Grove. Her student was eager to see her and looked for her daily, often being disappointed when she was not there. Delaney would work one on one with Carl, teaching him to write the letters of the alphabet. First, she would show him the letter. Next, she would cup her hand over his and actually draw out the letter allowing him to feel the correct motion. Lastly, Carl would write out the letter himself. He was very proud of each letter and word that he could write. Working with Delaney was another remarkable young lady, named Maggie Lampkin, who is from Lebanon. It didn’t take her long to jump on board with the classroom teaching for Carl. She is 11 years old and is an avid softball player who is in the 6th grade. When not at practice or traveling to play ball, Maggie could often be found at Maple Grove. She spent many volunteer hours there this summer and always displayed a huge smile on her face. Not only did she work with Carl and Delaney, she assisted the Director of Activities throughout the summer and always provided a great joy to all residents. Maggie’s mother, Farrah Lampkin, also works in the therapy department at Maple Grove as an Occupational Therapy Assistant.

Carl enjoyed his time with these young ladies. He also had always enjoyed drawing but did very little writing, because of the loss of use her suffers in his limbs and the years that have passed since his days of education. Carl recalled being expelled from school during his 7th grade year because of something that another boy had done. He affirms that he was innocent and was wrongfully accused and he never returned to school. The disappointment is still evident when he talks about it, but thanks to these young ladies, he was given new hope.

Both Delaney and Maggie have had to return to school now. Delaney lives in Castlewood and attends school in St Paul. Maggie lives in Lebanon and attends Lebanon Middle School. No doubt, Carl will be awaiting vacation and school holidays where he can look forward to his time in the classroom with Delaney and Maggie again. Until then, Carl can be found on the front porch bird watching while the weather is warm. After the weather turns colder, he is often located near the front door and happily greets all those who enter Maple Grove.

There are many opportunities for involvement and volunteering available at Maple Grove. A few minutes of time shared with someone else can make the difference in another life. Call today and be the one to make that difference.

Call 276-899-0733 for a complete listing of all happenings at Kissito Healthcare - Maple Grove.

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